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Packaging Machine Producers
Developing customized automatic design software for SolidWorks we are working for several market leading producers of packing machines that we by contract are not allowed mentioning them by name for promotion purpose. For these customers we are especially automating the design of product and machine dependent assemblies up to the drawings suitable for production. Then the new program generated parts, assemblies and drawings are, dependent on the internal processes of the customer, checked in the CAD database and the specific data transferred to the PPS system.

Producers of Mechanical clamping for machine tool
Development of complex units by help of program generated geometries for Ott-Jakob GmbH & Co.

Service Provider
Development of productivity tools for SolidWorks for working on assemblies, drawings and sheet metal works for Schuler Konstruktionen GmbH & Co. in Ravensburg and their offices in Nürnberg and Trossingen.